Top 10 Doomsday Preppers Supplies

Top 10 Doomsday Preppers Supplies

It is essential to have the proper doomsday prepping gear to keep you and your family safe from disaster and emergency situations.  

Doomsday preppers have become increasingly popular in recent years and with good reason. Natural disasters, civil unrest and pandemics are all becoming more frequent, its become urgent to take the necessary steps to prepare for a worst-case scenario with a prepper gear list. 


To help you get started, here are the top 10 doomsday preppers supplies you should have in your arsenal.

1. Water: Water is essential for survival, it’s important to have an ample supply for drinking, cooking and sanitation. Your water should be stored in large containers for long-term use, I use 50 Gallon containers. Water purification tablets and filters are also essential for making sure the water is safe to drink. If you run out of water, you'll need a few different ways to create clean drinking water, such as water filter straws or gravity fed water filtration systems.  Another way to have a fresh water supply is to build an air fountain system, which pulls water out of air and provide fresh drinking water daily.

2. Non-perishable food: Non-perishable food prep for emergency items are essential for survival. Be sure to stock up on grains, canned, freeze-dried and dried foods. They are the best options for long-term storage with a long shelf life. Having your own Freeze Dryer is a great way to go.  You can create wonderful meals now, freeze dry your left overs to put into storage for later. 

3. Shelter: Shelter is key to surviving any extreme emergency situation. With tents, tarps and canopies you have a great way to stay safe and dry. Depending on the are you live in, you'll need a different type of shelter. If you are in a desert, you'll want a canopy or tarp to keep the sun off you and sleeping bags for the colder nights. In colder areas you'll need an all weather tent to protect you from even the coldest of nights with below zero sleeping bags.  At the very least, bring some paracord to help you create a shelter out of nearby brush and trees. 

4. Warm clothing: In a doomsday scenario, its important to have adequate clothing to keep you warm, so you can layer up in the cold and layer down in the heat. Wool and synthetic materials are best for cold weather and cotton is best for extreme heat. Be sure to have a secondary set of clothing in a water proof dry bag, just incase everything gets wet. Having dry clothes to put on after being soaked can often save your life.

5. First Aid Kit: Having a well-stocked disaster first aid kit is a must for any doomsday prepper. It should include bandages, antiseptic, antibiotics, and other medical supplies. Don't forget to include any prescription medication that you are taking. Having a protective waterproof pill container for those meds is important to keep them safe and secure. 

6. Emergency Kit: You'll also want to have an emergency prep kit around, there are many types to choose from, so be sure to find a doomsday prep kit that includes what is needed in your area and choose depending on your family size. 

7. Backup Power Sources: The disaster prepper will need a backup power source such as solar lighting with USB to power other devices, solar panels with Portable Solar Generator Power Station, a solar or cranking style flashlight and radio (so you can keep up with any news and have light at night). 

8. A Way To Make Fire: You'll need to have a way to make fire to heat water and cook your food. Be sure to bring a fire building kit with magnesium metal rods and paraffin swabs to help you make a fire in any type of weather or conditions. Another fire making tool is the solar fire making device. In the case of a flood or sever weather, you'll also want to make sure you have waterproof matches in your prepper survival kit. If you have propane in you stash, grab a Mini Cooker Burner to cook on the go. 

9. Communication Devices: What if your phone is dead or the satellites are down? You'll need to have a way to call for help or at least communicate with the rest of your group. If you do have your phone and the satellite is up, you'll need to be able to keep the power on with a solar power bank or a cell phone self cranking device. Another great way to keep in communication is with a radio transceiver, a CB radio or long range 2-way walkie talkie

10. Self-Defense: Of course firearms and ammunition is the best way to defend yourself from looters, scavengers and rapists, but if you don't have access to guns, there are other essential preppers gear you can use. Our Wolf Ax and Shovel can be super useful building your emergency shelter, but also provide protection from dangerous animals and human scavengers. Buy a crossbow and practice now, you'll want to be a good shot in a fast acting emergency. Be sure to also have a variety of good sharp survival knives for protection.

There are many other doomsday preppers supplies that you need to have, such as gas masks, vegetable seeds, duct tape and a ton more.  However, this list of 10 doomsday preppers supplies is a great start. 

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