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Small Lyophilizer Vacuum Freezer Dryer

Small Lyophilizer Vacuum Freezer Dryer

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This Small Lyophilizer Vacuum Freezer Dryer is the perfect size for your home.  Freeze dry prepared meals, meat, fruits and vegetables for your emergency back up food supply.  Start now to build your food storage, so you can thrive in a survival situation.


Mini Chemicals Processing Laboratory Lyophilizer Vacuum Freeze Dryer Product Description

Vacuum freeze-drying technology, referred to as freeze-drying, also known as sublimation drying. Widely used in pharmaceuticals,biological products, chemical and food industries. Freeze-drying techniques are very suitable for heat sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, enzyme hormones and other biological tissues.

Mini Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine Parameters - Model : KN-10A:

1) Freeze Drying Area: 0.12 ㎡
2) Material tray size: ¢200 mm*4pcs
3) Material tray space: 70mm
4) Cold trap temperature: ≤ -56℃ (-80℃ optional)
5) Cold trap depth: 140mm
6) Cold trap diameter: Ф215mm
7) Water-capture capacity: 3~4 Kg/24h
8) Pumping rate: 2L/S
9) Ultimate vacuum degree: ≤ 5pa (empty)
10) Installed power: 970W
11) Host weight: 41kg
12) Host dimension: 615×450×370mm
13) Drying chamber size: Ф260*430mm
14) Cooling method: air-cooled
15) Defrost Mode: Naturalized Cream
16) Liquid capacity: 1.2 L (thickness:10mm) LCD touch display, drying curve being displayed

Mini Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine Parameters - Model : KN-10B:

1. Freeze Drying Area:0.08 ㎡
2.Cold trap temperature: -56℃ (-80℃ optional)
3.Vacuum:<10 Pa
4.Water-capture capacity:3~4 Kg/24h
5.Material tray:¢180 mm
6.Tray number:3 layer
7.Whole power:700 W
8.Main frame size:460*625*(370+430)(mm)
9.Main frame weight:41 Kg
10.Liquid capacity:0.8 L (thickness:10mm)
Please note: if the bottle with rubber plug (we called this kind of bottles as penicillin bottle), the top press type is advised for you, this model can help you realize the vacuum encapsulation for the bottles.

Mini Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine Parameters - Model : KN-10C:

1.With 100ml, 250ml, 500ml &1000ml freeze-dried bottles each 2 pcs 2. Freeze Drying Area: 0.12 ㎡
3. Material tray size: ¢200 mm*4pcs
4. Material tray space: 70mm
5. Cold trap temperature: ≤ -56℃
6. Cold trap depth: 140mm
7. Cold trap diameter: Ф215mm
8. Water-capture capacity: 3~4 Kg/24h
9. Pumping rate: 2L/S
10.Ultimate vacuum degree: ≤ 5pa (empty)
11. Installed power: 970W
12. Host weight: 41kg
13. Host dimension: 615×450×370mm
14.Drying chamber size: Ф260*465mm
15. Cooling method: air-cooled
16.Defrost Mode: Naturalized Cream LCD touch display, drying

 Please Note :

1. If you want us to help you arrange the shipment and delivery to your nearest seaport, please choose shipment by sea (seaport to seaport);

2. If you choose free shipping by sea, our offer is based on the CNF trade terms! That means, after arriving destination seaport, the buyer need to pay the destination port charges (such as terminal handling charges, documents charges, storage charges, ect), tax to do the customs clearance and pick up the goods.

3. Buyers should inspect package / goods carefully before signing receipt of goods.
If there is any damages, please contact your local TNT / DHL / Fedex to ask the complaints and claims OR please contact with us within 24 hours.

4, About the machine size, please kindly noted there might be some size deviation due to the manual measurement, please be careful if you worry about this.

5, Buyers should inspect package / goods carefully before signing receipt of goods.
If there is any damages, please contact your local TNT / DHL / Fedex to ask the complaints and claims OR please contact with us within 24 hours. 

6, The shipping documents we can supply is the Bill of lading / airway bill, Commercial Invoice, Packing list and Certification of origin, if you need any other documents, please contact our salesman.

After-sales instructions

1: If you have any questions, please contact us online
2: The product photos are taken professionally. Due to factors such as lighting and shooting angles, there may be some deviations from the actual product, please understand
3: This product has undergone rigorous testing and quality inspection before it is sent out, non-human problems, replacement if there is a problem, the freight is at your own expense
4: Please check whether the packaging is intact before receiving the goods, if there is a quality problem, please contact customer service 

Shipping Time is 3 to 4 MONTHS, please prepare and thank you for your patience. 


  •  Voltage: 220V/50HZ
  • Size: 615*450*370mm
  • Power (W): 970W
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Name: Multifunctional Lyophilizer Dehydrator Machine
  • Model Number: KN-10A
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Function4: Lyophilizer Machine
  • Function3: Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine
  • Function2: Freeze Dehydrator
  • Function1: Small Vacuum Freeze Dryer for Home Use
  • Function: Mixing
  • Freeze-drying area: 0.12㎡,
  • Cold trap depth: 140mm
  • Certification: ce
  • Capacity of Work Bowl (Cup): Freeze Dryer Machine
  • Brand Name: Liuben
  • Accessories: Locking Lid
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