10 Tips To Prepare Your Dog To Go Camping

10 Tips To Prepare Your Dog To Go Camping

So you got a new puppy!
Can you bring pup camping?
The answer is yes!

take your dog or puppy camping, hiking and enjoy being outdoors



You have a new family member and you can't wait to take your new adventure partner out on the road with you on their first camping trip! Bringing your dog along on great hikes, swimming in the lake and relaxing at the campground all sound wonderful, but might be a bit trickier than you think with a new dog. Start early with your dog and you’ll be on the road to becoming the best camping buddies!



Here is a handy guide with 10 tips to prepare your Dog to go camping – make the experience enjoyable for everyone!



Is your dog's vaccine shots up to date?

New dogs need a series of shots before they can hit the trails with you on your next great adventure. Puppies get three sets of vaccines at 8, 12 and 16 weeks, and once they have had all of these, they are safe to go out to explore and meet other dogs.

Consult your veterinarian regarding flea and tick coverage for your pets. Even if they are receiving preventive medication, it is advisable to inspect your dog for ticks after outdoor activities or resting at the campsite, particularly around the ears, under the legs, and the belly.



your dog's personality while loving a great camping experience with coach Trina at dragoyle.com


Your dogs personality

Familiarize yourself with your dog's personality before embarking on a significant camping adventure together. Test the waters with a few shorter trips if you're unsure about their temperament.




Use dog friendly campgrounds

Many campgrounds are dog friendly, but it’s always better to check before showing up. National Parks usually accept dogs, but make sure to do your research ahead of time.



train your dog to accommodate the different activities that you'll be doing while camping


Train your dog

A dog is experiencing so many things for their first time and wants to explore everything. They will want to dig holes, chew sticks and anything else they can find. Make sure your pup understands some basic commands before taking them on their first camping trip.

Commands such as “sit” and “leave it” are great commands to teach them early on. Bringing your new pup camping is also the perfect way to have them meet many new people. Keep lots of small training treats with you; you can have strangers give the treat to your pup – help your dog to interact with new people.

Here are 12 dog training tips you can use before your camping trip.



let your dog get used to the camping equipment before you go out by coach trina at dragoyle.com


Show your dog the camping gear first

Let your dog explore your camping gear while you are packing it, so they get used to all the smells and the different types of gear. Let them play with you while you clean, pack and prepare for your camping trip so they can understand this is a safe place. They’ll learn that it is an exciting place that will take them on all kinds of adventures! Run the any noisy equipment, so they can get familiar with them and it doesn't scare your dog when you are out camping.



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Understand your dogs physical limits

Dogs often act like they can go on forever, but recognize the different signs of them getting tired. They likely cannot go on a 5km hike the first time out, but they can work up their stamina to reach that goal quickly. While it is different for every breed, the general rule of thumb is 5 minutes of exercise per month of age until they are full grown.

For example:  If you have a dog that is 9 months they should be getting 45 minutes of exercise.

You'll also need to know if they are restricted in anyway.



Pay attention to your dog's habits

Dogs are creatures of habit and puppies are still forming their routine. Going away for even a few days can throw them off their schedule and cause them stress. You don’t necessarily need to feed your dog everyday exactly at 6pm, but feeding them within 30 minutes is good practice. Sticking as close to your dog’s regular routine adds a sense of normalcy in an unfamiliar environment.



be sure to bring everything your dog needs when going camping by coach Trina at dragoyle.com


Your dog's necessities 

One of the first rules of camping is pack everything you think your dog will need to be prepared! Making lists so you don’t forget anything that you or your dog needs to have a relaxing and fun trip is imperative. Additionally, this will help ensure your dog feels stress free on these new adventures.


Here are the key things you should not forget to bring when your dog comes camping: 

  • Bowls

  • Food – Bring more than you think you need.

  • Treats

  • Bottled Water – We always bring bottled water for our dog especially for a new puppy, as the water can vary by campground.

  • Favorite Toys – Balls and bones are perfect for camping.

  • Bug Spray – Mosquitoes bother dogs, too! Note: Mosquito repellent can be poisonous to your dog if they lick their skin, so make sure to research natural options available.

  • Towel

  • Crate, Dog Bed and Blankets– If your dog sleeps or travels in a crate, make sure you bring this with you to keep up with their routine. To help regulate temperature while camping, bring blankets for them to cozy up in on cooler nights.

  • Ground Stake – You may want to tie your pup up outside while you are relaxing at your campsite. A ground stake is the perfect way to let them explore a little bit while keeping them close.

  • Leash

  • Poop Bags

  • First Aid Kit for Dogs – Puppies can get injured just like kids! A first aid kid for dogs should have pet-friendly medication in case they get stung or have an allergic reaction, as well as boots or bandages in case they cut their paws.

  • Collar & ID Tag with your information in case they manage to go out wandering on their own!

  • AirTag collar with device - make it easy on yourself to find where your dog chased that squirrel



go camping with your dog with coach trina at dragoyle.com


Dogs love new adventures 

If your dog is adventurous, let them try any and all new experiences – but make sure you let them do it at their own pace. If you are going swimming, let them get their feet wet, but do not force them to go in the water. They will learn to love each thing at their own pace and soon will be as daring as you are.





The most important thing about every camping trip is to have fun! Don’t keep too high expectations for your dog on the first trip, but let them surprise you with how much they enjoy it. Camping is about all the new experiences and adventures you encounter on your trip and your new camping buddy will make it even better.


Do you have an other tips to add? 

Tell us your camping story!


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