Path to Healing

Path to Healing

This world is full of courageous people doing their best to survive their current heart-wrenching reality and hope they get through it, only to face yet another one. This seems to be the trend for a lot of us, especially over the last several years. 

Being part of the coaching industry, I hear countless stories every day. They range across a wide scale from moments of triumph to heart-wrenching realities. One thing I have found amongst all these conversations is that everyone has faced some type of trauma.

Even though many of these people have done their best to heal themselves, they still struggle through those challenges all over again when different triggers show up, especially if they are visualizing those memories. There is nothing wrong with having these stories in your book. Transformation comes from putting these experiences to paper, but that doesn't make facing those traumas any less difficult.

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Did you really heal yet?

I am currently working with a lot of people that are struggling with business, relationship and life struggles. Some of their stories shake me to the core, I often wonder if I could survive these similar situations, but then when I tell them my stories of survival, they say the same about my past. 

This reaction is completely normal; writing about these events, can be terrifying, but is an important step in finally starting the healing process.

The good news is that you are not alone! If you are writing about these darkest times right now, you are further along in your growth than you might realize.

Path to Healing

For some, healing may feel a long way off, but I have witnessed friends with some of the most traumatizing stories be able to heal and grow to the point of being able to talk about their lives in an inspirational way. Learning from your mistakes and not falling into the same situations, but actually changing they way you approaching life is essential for your growth and happiness.

I am not saying that I am a qualified therapist who performs miracles. I am here to share that these people, as well as myself, have done the work and chose to reconstruct their traumas into fuel to create the change they wish to see in their lives.

Trauma doesn't run the show

Whether your taking a nice bath, enjoying candles, getting tarot card readings, getting out in nature or using other forms of self healing and there are a ton.

Keep going, my friend. The trauma does not have to run the show. It can be a tool for you to create an immense amount of change, because you are discovering a deeper understanding for those who have gone through similar circumstances. Those people probably need your courage more than ever, so let them in and let the natural healing begin. Don't forget to take deep breaths. Take care of yourself through the process and trust that it will come together in perfect timing.

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