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Making Frugal Fabulous

Being frugal can be fun and fabulous, but getting there is easier if you have a frugal mindset. Having a frugal mindset is about making smart, sensible choices with your money. It's about understanding and being intentional with how you spend that money and the budget you set. With the economy as it is today, being frugal helps you to plan ahead and take control of your life, your finances and the positive energy that you put into making frugal fabulous. 

It's easy to spot people that are not frugal, they have lots of debt and usually hold down 2 jobs just to keep up with all the stuff that they bought. These days with all the prices going up on housing, gas and food, being frugal has become a necessity of the majority, not just of the few like before the COVID epidemic. It's more important now to become adept at stretching your pennies and saving money whenever you can. 

I was talking to a fairly wealthy friend the other day about the economy and how pretty much everything has increased in price, yet the average pay has stayed the same. He gave me an interesting idea on how to save money, that he uses himself. "I never pay full price for anything." he said, "I look for the sales on items that I actually use, then buy out the store." His purpose was to show the store that he refuses to pay the higher rates, that if the stores see that only 'For Sale' items are flying off the shelves, maybe they will start lowering rates again. Interesting concept, I suppose if more people get on that bandwagon, maybe that would make an impact. We can all contribute in different ways to helping the economy, but personally I'm more worried about providing for my family. 

A few ways to Thrive in life and be a fantastic fun frugal person:

  • Budget your money: Although budgeting isn’t necessarily fun, it is a critical piece of the puzzle. Within your budget, you can prioritize things that matter and ruthlessly cut out things that don’t. 
  • Plan your meals: I know this isn't fun, but when you have a set list of items that you need from the store, it's easier to not over buy and you save a lot on eating out.
  • Cook Larger Amounts: I don't like cooking, so if I don't have to do it everyday that makes it easier when I do have to cook. I make large amounts, then create individual meals, put some in the refrigerator and some in the freezer for later. 
  • Downsize and Minimize: Take a look around, I bet you have many items in your home that you don't use. Sell them, get some value out of them. Clean out your garage, go through your clothes, do you really need all of those gadgets? The key is, don't sell then rebuy new things. Sell and put that money towards bills or in savings. 
  • Grow your own Food: Not only is it healthier for you than what you can buy at the store, but you are then starting to Thrive by not having to rely on the store. There are many different easy ways you can start, check out our garden selection for awesome planting options.
  • Free Fun Adventures: There are a ton of free things you can do that don't cost a cent, such as going to the park, play board games, go swimming, go on a bike ride, take a free online course, write out your life plan/goals, having a picnic, or having a bonfire are just a few free fun things to do.

Living frugally doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, but a way to thrive instead of just surviving. Make an effort to think of frugality as a way to fully enjoy what you care about in life. When you have your money under control, it can be easier to spend on things that matter. 

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