In The Middle of a Dog Fight

In The Middle of a Dog Fight

It was the first hot day of the summer and my daughter wanted me to go out to her RV and make sure the cats weren't too hot. All three dogs were in the backyard. Two get along great with the cats, but one doesn't, so when we are at work we keep the cats safe in the new RV and leave the windows open with the air conditioning on low.

The cats were perfect, taking naps on the bed and greeted me with purring and snuggles. I hung out with them for a bit, but then needed to go inside to get supper started. As I was walking back I noticed that our smallest dog, Lazlo, was enjoying a roll in the grass. Our largest dog, Robin, walked up to him and attacked. She grabbed his fluffy scruff and immediately started thrashing him about. I dove in and grabbed her collar, tried to pull her up and out of the area, so she would let go, but her shear weight thrusted me violently off my feet, tumbling head first right into their snarling teeth.

I screamed for my daughter to come help, as I realized I wasn't strong enough to pull these two apart on my own. The third dog, a medium size dog named Jack, decided to join in. Now I have three dogs growling, snapping and tearing each other up and me right in the middle of them all. Blood and saliva was spewing out everywhere, I screamed for my daughter again. I felt like I was being tossed around like a rag doll as the dogs were fighting. I had a grip on the two largest dogs collars, trying to pull them back and up with the scruff of their neck, creating a choking sensation, which is the best way to separate fighting dogs. I just wasn't strong enough for the both of them, but then my daughter arrived at the scene and with her help we were able to get the attack subdued and separated the dogs.

We went inside to check on the little guy, he was dripping with slobber and there was a few blood streaks on him, but for the most part he looked okay. However, I felt shattered. I was shaking so hard that I couldn't hardly stand up, I started crying. I kept having flashes of poor little Lazlo being shredded up and killed by Robin. It felt so real that I went into shock. I just sat there on the floor shaking and crying.

This was such a horrible thing to be in the middle of. Seeing three of my fur babies tearing each other up my heart was aching. I get a stomach every time I think about it. I never want to go through that again.

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