Golfing with bare feet is a great way to reduce stress and get grounded and balanced. With beautiful trees and green grass to enjoy it can decrease depression, release tension and bring you peace and joy.

Golfing Barefoot

Green grass helps ground you to mother earth and releases toxins, relieves tension and reduces stress. Go golfing with bare feet and you can get back to spirit more often.

People are always surprised that I golf barefooted. I golf this way because I love the feel of the cool grass on my feet, it helps me to ground to earth, relax in nature and get back to my spiritual self. I get to see lots of beautiful natural scenes, even if I'm in the city most golf courses still have acres of greenery and water features.

The golf courses I usually frequent have lots of big green trees, layers of plants and flowers with huge amounts of green grass, all surrounded by huge layers of mountains. Most of the courses also have a cool running stream and lakes within them, so you usually lose a few balls and break a lot of tees trying to get over them. The occasional wild animal bounding past me is an absolute joy to see.  

Beautiful four point buck in nature, go golfing to reconnect with nature and enjoy spirit and get out of the city to get yourself centered, back in peace, less stressed, reduce depression and feel joy

A couple of years ago I was golfing at a course that was nestled right up next to the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, USA. It was a cool day and this course has more tall trees than most. I hit my ball straight down the fairway and up onto the green. That was an exceptional hit for me. My average good hits is one in four. 

As my golf ball landed and rolled to a stop, I noticed a big four point buck standing off to the side. The ball had startled him, he straightened up his head, his big ears shooting around to the right and then to the left, trying to hear where the danger is, then he looked right at me with a majestic stance, big brown eyes  and in a flash he bound off the course and disappeared into the trees. What an absolute treat to see. Made my heart sing, gratitude swelled up inside me and for a moment I couldn't move. Well, until my golf partner urged me to keep golfing, we don't have time to stand around, as someone was coming up behind me.  

Most golf courses are green and lush with trees, grass and water features. Its the closest thing to nature in a big city and golfing barefoot helps me ground back to nature. Sometimes the sheer beauty of a golf course takes my breath away.

Being in nature, grounding and seeing sites like that are the reason I go golfing and love it so much. I'm not even that good at the game and don't even keep score. However, I go with friends, so I also get quality time to enjoy our friendship and in a crazy world like this, we can all use a bit more quality time with our friends and loved ones.  

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