Don't Just Survive, THRIVE!

Don't Just Survive, THRIVE!

Don't Just Survive,



What does Thriving really mean?


In the Merriam Dictionary it says;


1: to grow vigorously: FLOURISH

2: to gain in wealth or possessions: PROSPER

3: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances


When you’re facing challenging times, how do you overcome and get back to thriving in your life? While it may feel like nothing good can come of your life circumstances these days, the truth is that difficult times can provide a great possibility to learn and grow. Even the toughest situations can transform everything and take your life to the next level.


Albert Einstein said,


Crisis is the greatest blessing for people and nations, because crisis brings on progress… It’s in crisis that inventive discoveries and great strategies rise. He who overcomes a crisis overcomes himself, without being Overcome.”


As human beings, we are meant to be the creators of our lives not just survive, but to thrive. We’re not made to merely survive – we’re made to


So many people today are unfortunately just surviving life and all of it's trials, instead of thriving and moving forward, onward and upward. They have a "just get by" type of mentality and feel like they are just making it day to day. More than likely, they have forgotten who they truly are and have settled for second best without even knowing it.

Four tips to create a life where you are Thriving, not just surviving.


1: Be sure to take care of your health. It won't matter that you're thriving if you don't have good health to enjoy it. Even adding a short walk each day will make a difference, but if you can get out of the house and go camping or hiking, get some fresh air and do this often, the difference in your health, your mental health, your general well being is wonderful.


2: One of the most important things to maintain is a good selection of emergency supplies. Those that don't have anything set aside or have a bug-out bag packed and ready are the ones that lose everything in an emergency situation. Make sure you have a supply of all essentials, not sure what to pack? Click here to get your Free Emergency Preparedness Template.


3: Self-care is extremely valuable when thriving. There are many ways you can take care, but know doing things for you can make you healthier mentally as well as physically. Depression seems to be everywhere these days, so providing yourself some natural healing is even more important that ever before. Relax, get a massage, meditate, read, have some quality alone time, etc. Do whatever it is that brings you peace, joy and brings balance to your soul and chakra.


4. Money. There I said that dirty word. Thriving requires you to have multiple streams of income, without it you'll be stuck in survival mode most of your life. Create a business, sell things online, rent your spare rooms, write a book. You have a skill, probably multiple skills, find ways to make money with those skills. Be creative, you never know what someone out the is willing to buy.


Thriving is also recognized as a “multifaceted” concept. The studies that the authors have reviewed range from child development to military studies. Across these, “thriving” has been alternatively defined as vitality, learning, task focus, “mental toughness,” or a combination of all of these concepts. Receiving support from one’s family, colleagues, and employers is also important, and being given a high degree of autonomy and being trusted as competent are key elements.

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