8 Ways To Help a Lady Get Out of a Bad Mood

8 Ways To Help a Lady Get Out of a Bad Mood

If you’re like most men you'll find that your girls moods fluctuate and it doesn’t take much to make her anxious. Situations that she used to look forward to and handle with ease, such as entertaining friends and family, can suddenly leave her feeling overwhelmed, tired and irritable. This is completely normal and most women go through this, but knowing this doesn't make a lady feel better and sometimes can even make her feel worse.
Truth be told, men sometimes fail to understand how to handle a girlfriend who is rather unpredictable and moody. If you don't know how to handle these moods, it can very much lead to endless fights and even breakups. If you are in a man's mindset, you'll go right to sex. Believe me guys, sex is not what she wants, get out of your little guys head and into the mind of a woman. So what's the best way to handle a situation where your girlfriend is acting moody?

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If you take the time to really know your partner and how they react to things, both good and bad, it can make dealing with problems that may arise so much easier, but we have complied a list to help you get there faster. A survey given to married men asked, “What is your secret to help your wife get out of a bad mood?” and these are some of the answers. Of course all women are different, so some of these will work with your lady and others might not, but try them all and figure it out.
  1. Hugs/Kisses: Being comforted and loved is one of the best ways to help a lady get out of a bad mood. Do this unselfishly, keeping her needs in-front of mind, keeping the attention on her feelings and don't make any moves towards sex, just let her feel loved.
  2. Flowers: I know, this is a long time go to, but some women just love a nice bouquet of sweet smelling beautiful flowers. They will brighten a room and often brighten her mood.
  3. Bring her sweets or Chocolates: Sugar is known to provide a high in mood and Chocolate is a great mood enhancer. Make sure they are high quality and wrapped with a bow, make her feel special and you'll be golden.
  4. Take her out to a nice dinner: Sometimes a good meal, that she didn't have to cook or clean up after is the best way to let her know you care. Food is a great way to increase the bodies feel-goods.
  5. Jewelry: Yes, provide her with a lovely piece of jewelry is a great way to give her a huge smile. She'll have something beautiful to look at and remember how much you care. Jewelry lasts a long time and provides a lot of smiles.
  6. Find a way to make her laugh: Laughing is contagious. A funny movie, a good joke, take her dancing-a good twirl on the dance floor will get her laughing faster than anything else. Get her laughing and you'll see a happy wife.
  7. A nice massage: Make sure this massage is about making her feel good. Don't make it sexual, just loving. This rubdown needs to meet her needs, not yours.
  8. Compliment her: Sometimes she just doesn't feel good enough, has lack of self esteem or doesn't feel appreciated. Actually, this happens to women more than one would think. Let her know how much you appreciate every little thing. Compliment her on being a good mom, a great provider, how beautiful she looks, anything that she works hard at.
Luckily for you, these are not the only ways to help your lady feel better and improve her day and your lives together. Whether or not you choose the methods mentioned above, you still have to stick to what’s really important: being open and honest about how you really feel.

Making a woman happy, removing hurt and bad feelings. Help a woman get out of her bad mood with Jewelry, hugs, kisses, flowers
It is pretty easy to show your girl how much you care about her feelings once you get the hang of it. Although it may seem daunting at first, with a little time and practice, you’ll be a pro at showing and telling your girl just the right things to keep a happy home and keep her smiling.
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