6 Emergency Bunkers You Can Create On Your Property

6 Emergency Bunkers You Can Create On Your Property

This blog will show you 6 Emergency Bunkers that you can create on your own property. Building a bunker can feel too huge of a task for most to take on, but the more serious survivalists and preppers know that there is an endless list of scenarios that could warrant needing a safe place to retreat into for you, your friends, family and even pets.

There are many different types of secure safe bunkers with multiple construction methods that you can use to build your bunker. It can be as big or little, fancy or plain, expensive or as cheap as you want or need it to be. However, you need to practice safety in your construction. 

Before you start digging you need to find out what your county's permitting process is, get your permits and check with Blue Stakes to make sure you aren't going to dig into a utility, gas or cable line. Make sure you follow all of the rules to avoid expensive mistakes and get all the appropriate permits and follow all of the rules before you start. 

Keep in mind that any bunker that you create needs to be able to support your life and the lives of others that may need to use it in an emergency someday. Since you won't be leaving that bunker until the threat that drove you in there is gone, you need to make sure to supply it with enough food, water, prescriptions, medical kits, tools, equipment, radio, communication gear, etc to last as long as that treat on the other side of the door is still there. 

It is also important to be aware of ventilation needs and climate control. Without proper oxygen flow, everyone one will be dead in about 3 minutes. You'll also need to make sure that oxygen is filtered properly to remove any contaminants from the air, so all involved can breath properly and without strain. 

That being said, here are the examples of 6 emergency bunkers you can create on your property. 

1) A Panic Room: A panic room is a small safe room in your house that is concealed from view, where you can retreat to in case of a threat in your home.

a panic room can be made for your home out of many different spaces or places with all sorts of materials.

This type of room isn't really a bunker, but serves the same purpose of keeping you and your loved ones safe. To make a panic room, you'll need to find a space in your home, that is easy to get to, but can be hidden from view. You'll want to reinforce the walls and ceilings to make sure someone can't break through. I've seen thick pressure treated wood, concrete or steel plates used, but anything very strong is fine, as long as it's not breakable. Be sure that the area you choose can support that extra weight, you might need to install support beams to be sure. Make sure the door is a heavily reinforced door that is hidden, so the threat doesn't even know it is there. Have water and food available and run a phone line in, if you don't get cell reception, so you can call the police. 

2) A Crawl Space: A crawl space can be hidden in your walls, under your stairs, in the basement or in a root cellar. the crawl space under a house can be a great place to create an emergency bunker or panic roomThis is similar to creating a safe room, but these are hidden within the walls of your home and is a viable option to look at that won't cost a lot of money. These types can have multiple entrances or exits depending on the space, that can be well hidden under a carpet, behind furniture or a bookcase. Just like the panic room, you'll want to reinforce the walls, ceilings and have a solid, strong, hidden door. 

a steel culvert tube underground bunker can outlast most other bunkers and is a perfect way to keep your family safe in case of an emergency situation.

3) A Steel Culvert:  Don't get a shipping container, they rust and fall apart with time. Look for a large steel culvert tube to get this project started, it needs to be large enough to construct a livable space inside with room for supplies. Steel culverts are designed to be buried underground, so it is sturdy and strong enough to last your lifetime and probably your grandkid's lifetime as well.

an above ground bunker is a great place to protect your family in case of an emergency, just keep it secret and hidden

4)  An Above Ground Bunker: There are no rules that say your bunker must be underground, in fact, many people prefer an above ground bunker because they are claustrophobic. As long as you take steps to conceal the bunker’s location and build the walls, ceiling, floor, and entrances so that they would be exceptionally difficult to break through, you can construct an above-ground bunker. Be sure to hide this bunker, so others aren't tempted to break in, keep away from prying eyes through the use of trees, bushes and camouflage. You can build an above ground bunker out of strong materials that would be difficult to break into; such as concrete, cinderblocks, bricks or metal plates. 

prefabricated underground bunkers are great for those that don't have the technical skills or time to create or build one for herself

5) Pre-Fabricated Bunkers: If you aren't much of a builder, that's okay, you can purchase a pre-fabricated ready to go bunker that only requires you to dig a hole in the ground for you to put it into. Many people don't have the time or technical skills to build any type of bunker from scratch, so this is a great option and can range in price depending on your needs. There is a huge variety of sizes and styles to choose from, sky is the limit on how much you can spend purchasing one of these units, so do your homework. 

hillside bunkers are great for those with large properties

6) Bunker In A Hillside: If you have a good sized hill on your property, you may  want to digging a bunker into the side of it, but beware, you'll need to hire a professional for this job. This is not a do-it-yourself job, though; since you are effectively excavating the interior of a hillside, you will need to use the services of professionals to do your excavating. In addition, the actual construction of the bunker may also be problematic and require the services of a professional contractor and engineer.

Whatever type of emergency bunker that you choose to secure your family with, just make sure to provide an entrance and an exit with plenty of good ventilation. The likely hood of you needing this bunker is close to nil, but with the crazy things that's been happening in the world today, you never know. Events like civil unrest, rioting or burglary due to the economic crash, may be a reason to slip into your bunker to feel safe from harm. 

So, regardless of the reason you have to build your bunker, there is a bunker out there that will suit your needs and budget. I hope this list of 6 emergency bunkers you can create on your property helped you to make the proper structure for your family. 

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