The Amish have skills that everyone should know in order to survive a natural disaster or emergency situation.  Having emergency supplies isn't good enough, you need to be prepared in every way.

6 Amish Skills You Should Learn Before The Next Crisis

These are the top 6 Amish Skills You Should Learn Before The Next Crisis.

The Amish can teach us more about living within a world of no modern amenities than any other culture in America. They have been living like this for hundreds of years and would be at the top of the food chain if another major disaster should arrive.

The Amish are not only known for living in a simple, humble life but also for crafting their own utensils and tools and for preparing everything they might need in any situation.

They have been maintaining their skill this way for years, and there is no doubt that we can adopt some of these skills to get through the hard times ahead.
With the way things are heading right now, it is probably only a matter of weeks or days until the next economic crash, so lets get prepared before it's too late.


1) The Skill of Community
One of the core values of the Amish people, one that has been long forgotten by our modern, self-centered society, is the natural sense of belonging to a community. Along with this comes the instinct of helping one another, which is well established among the Amish and teaches them to stay strong and to get over all hurdles.
Amish community work together to form a bond that will help them get through natural disasters When a disaster hits, looters will band together into strong groups that will take everything you have. If you are not part of a strong community, you will be easy pray and may even end up 6 foot under.
Overcoming any struggle is a matter of teamwork, the Amish understand this and we need to get back to that community mentality or we might not survive the next emergency.It is essential to know who is there to help you, so make sure to not only prepare yourself with emergency supplies and skills, but also with a solid community of other like-minded people.


2) Mastering the Skill of Plants
If there is one thing the Amish know, it is how to use plants, from making natural medicine to preparing nutritious meals. The Amish have learned how to make the most out of any plant in their backyard, even the ones that we call weeds. They learn from an early age how to identify these plants, how to prepare them, how to seed them, and how to use them.
The Amish know how to make healing remedies from all sorts of plants and to use them to make amazing meals.

In a crisis, pharmacies can quickly run out of the medicines you need or be looted. The same will happen to the supermarkets. Food and medicine might not be available for long periods of time, so we need to be able to create our own from natures bounty.

Knowing the edible and medicinal plants growing in your area is something I would recommend for everyone. At the very least, keep close a physical book on edible and medicinal plants with large color pictures so you can easily identify them in a emergency situation. 


3) The Skill of Crafting

In modern society the craft of creating for ourselves is long gone. It's too easy these days to just jump online and buy what we want. What happens when there is no internet and the store is out of goods?

The Amish are great at crafting their own clothes, furniture and supplies.We'll need the fundamental skills of manual labor. We need to learn the necessary skills to provide for ourselves, like our past relatives knew, such as; sewing, carpentry, knitting and plumbing. 

These crafts used to be passed down from generation to generation and they still should be as a tool of thriving.

The problem is that most of these skills have been lost. Young folks no longer want to learn these necessary survival skills and unless we learn these skills now, we won't know how to do them when we need those skills the most.


4) The Skill Of Taking Care of Your Supplies
In a materialistic society like ours, it is hard to appreciate what we already have because most Americans are spoiled by the ease of getting anything the want from the internet. When something breaks, we instantly replace it because it's the easiest way to get what we want.
The Amish all get together for a barn raising day. Knowing how to build your home and keep your tools in good working order is most valuable in a survival situationWe need to start learning how to look after our home and supplies and keep them in proper working condition for a long time. In a crisis, we might not be able to get new ones.
The Amish know how to keep their tools rust-free. They do not forget them outside in the rain letting them rust. They know how to build a house from foundation to the roof and everything in between. Could you build a house by yourself if a natural disaster struck?


5) The Skill of Collecting Water

Amish communities don’t have running water in their homes or communities. They are not connected to the communal water pipes, so they have to discover ways to bring water to them.

Running water is important to have during an emergency situation. The Amish know how to find water, dig wells and procure water for themselves. If running water stops suddenly for a few months, what are you going to do? In an emergency, you will have to experience for yourself the possible dangers in procuring the water you need and your family needs to survive, every day.

This is extremely difficult as you need water not only to drink, but for bathing, cooking, washing your clothes and washing your dishes. You need an average of 2 gallons of water each day per person.The Amish communities have dug water wells. They also collect rainwater in safe barrels and know how to keep it fresh for future use. This is a necessary skill that everyone should know. If you can find water,  you'll die within days. 

6) The Skill of Not Needing Electricity
The Amish live independently from the grid.
We are so too used to our day-to-day appliances that we almost forget about the hopeless situation we will find ourselves in when our power goes down.
Amish use underground cellars to store food and supplies in case of a disaster. They don't rely on electricity to keep their food coldMany of our appliances in our homes need electricity to run, so they will be useless in a power outage: refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, laptops, smartphones, radios, washing machines, ovens, stoves, lights…everything is useless to us in an emergency.
The Amish use simple, old-school ways to serve the same purpose. They have cool root cellars, nonperishable foods, hand carts, buggies with horses and many other non-electrical tools. To survive an emergency situation we need to start building and procuring these items for ourselves. 


I hope you enjoyed this blog about the 6 Amish Skills You Should Learn Before The Next Crisis. I suggest you start watching YouTube for ways to get these things started for yourself, because you might not have YouTube available in an emergency situation. 

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