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300 Wants Challenge by Dragoyle

Have you heard about the 300 wants challenge? Time to get your list started, so you can stop just surviving in life and start Thriving. 

Any life coach, guru, business coach or personal coach will tell you that you need to write down what you want in life, your goals, asperations, because writing them down helps make it real. 10% is the average of items on your list that will come true, you must believe you can achieve these things at some point in your life time. Therefore, writing 300 wants down on a piece of paper (not a digital list) will result in you getting at least 30 of your wants to come true!

Let's get started, write at least 300 things down that you want. At about 75, you might get stuck so begin to ask yourself a few questions to help keep you motivated. How many cars do you want? What kind of car? What color? Where do you want your next house to be? Do you want a summer home? What about your finances? Your relationships? Your love life? What do you want to learn, do, achieve?  Where do you want to go?

At first I didn't think I could do this because all my life I've taken care of everyone else's wants, never really knowing what I wanted. I never had a chance before to express or even think about what I wanted. It took a lot of thinking to even begin, but once I got going and really took a look a myself, I discovered a great deal that I wanted. 

When you document your wants on an actual piece of paper, not only does this create a paper trail, but it spells out your thoughts in a way that you can then reflect on them in the future. Some of the most successful individuals always carry a notebook around with them so they can write anything and everything that may come to mind. I’m here to encourage you to push past the mental barrier that you have placed on your mind and think beyond those limitations that we hold ourselves. We can achieve more than we think is possible and I know you can do this. 

Anything that encourages you closer towards your ultimate goals should be a priority and should be approached with a desire to achieve them swiftly and efficiently. Knowing what you really want is something that not everyone even understands about themselves, once you do you can start working towards those future goals and thrive in life. Be sure to review this list often and add to it after the 300 when new wants come up. 

There is so much value in seeing your dreams, goals, and wants spelled out in front of you to review when you need a boost. The task of writing these down is the first step towards giving life to those things that you want; furthermore, this act will hold you accountable to working towards achieving them. Comment below, and let me know how building out your list goes.

300, get ready, get set and go! 

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