Ways to Practice Much Needed Self-Care

Ways to Practice Much Needed Self-Care

When being prepared for an emergency it is vital that you include preparing your mental self as well. There are ways to practice self-care, so you are fully prepared for any survival situation. 

Putting focus on our own needs doesn't always come easily, which can make the practice of self-care feel more elusive than it really should be.

Identify Judgment

What’s your relationship with your body? Do you judge yourself for being too fat, too thin, too old? Do you judge your sexual orientation, or your race, or your passions and abilities? Do you judge your emotions, tears, kindness, or need to do less or spend time alone?

All forms of judgment prove that the person who is judging has a sense of inadequacy or unworthiness, which makes it impossible to truly love yourself or others. Taking a stand for your needs is vital, especially when life or other people get in the way.

Ask yourself where this judgment comes from? What were you told when you was young, and who said them to you? What behaviors and beliefs have they led to? And are these behaviors helping you feel joyful and alive and allowing you to do your best in all things?

Set Structures

Once you’re aware of how you’re harming yourself, it’s time to put healthy self-care practices in place. Now is the time to remove those beliefs that cause you to be judgmental, then exchange them for new healthy beliefs that help you become your best self.

Removing those sources might mean letting go of toxic people in your life, reduce watching the news or social media stories that are negative or hurtful to yourself or others. It also means that you have a zero tolerance with that voice in your head which spews negative judgmental stories. 

Paying attention to those positive things that help you and encourage you through out your day. Some of these might be the number of hours of sleep you get, how much exercise you get or the quality of food you eat. It could also be spending time with friends and loved ones, doing something creative, or taking regular breaks throughout your day. If it gives you a sense of peace and joy then you're on the right path.

Staying on Top

We might have full intentions of staying on this path to thriving, but life will always present new challenges that will throw us off. Some days it may not be possible to follow your strategy of peace and happiness, so how do we continue this plan of action, so we can face the struggles that life present? One of my favorite strategies is the "IF - THEN" plan. This highly effective practice will keep you on track. 

An example is: You are always saying yes to everyone that asks for financial help, even though you can't really afford to and often it hurts your bank account and sometimes your credit score. With the "IF-THEN" plan you can have a response planned out, so you don't cause emotional and financial chaos the next time this happens.  Such as, If they has for help, Then I will smile and let them know I can't assist them at this time. Having this practiced will help you to reduce the thoughts of, "Will they hate me?", "I have to say yes" or "I can't say no". 

Of course there will be unpredictable stressors that will happen as well. To be prepared, take a moment to think about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy about that situation. You'll know if it doesn't feel positive or joyful. If you don't, pay attention to your sleep, food, fun and fresh air. Do you need more sleep, healthier food, to have more fun, or indulge in some fresh air? Do you need distance from your inner chatter or critic? 

You must be committed to nurture yourself, providing the self-care that you so desperately need and your quality of life will improve. 

Thank you for reading my blog on the Ways to Practice Much Needed Self-Care. Dragoyle wishes you a high quality of life with much joy, peace and love. If you liked this blog, please comment below and I'll give you 10% OFF your next order at dragoyle.com

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