26 Ways To Switch From Surviving to Thriving

26 Ways To Switch From Surviving to Thriving

This is a list of 26 ways to switch from surviving to thriving in life. To thrive is a choice. It's an attitude and your ability to thrive in the world is a direct result to the actions you take on a daily basis and the beliefs you embrace. Training your mind, body and spirit to grow and flourish doesn't need to be difficult.


1. Schedule time in the morning to write your goals for the day, center your spirit and set your intentions for the day. Be sure to envision how you want your day to go, then take 3 deep breaths and off you go.  


2. Aggressively let go of expectations. Expecting something to go a certain way or someone acting a certain way is a quick way of causing you stress and pain. Letting go of those expectations and allowing things to be exactly what they are will allow you to enjoy life without the constant emotional upset. 


 3. Listen intentionally without judging others. Our natural selves want to analyze and judge people according to our own belief system. Practice paying attention, without forming an opinion or a response, keep eye contact and lean


4. Enjoy time in nature. There is a certain energy in nature, listening to the breeze rustling the leaves, water rushing in a stream, be still and let the energy of nature to ground you back to a peaceful state. 


5. Eat good nourishing foods. Grow your own garden, plant fruit trees. You'll find that your body thrives, is in less pain and will heal faster when eating right.


6. Start dancing when you feel stressed out. Fluid motion releases tension, playing your favorite music increases energy and releases dopamine to give you a temporary high. 


7. Unplug your electronics and relish in the peace. Most regular consumers have an average of 4 electronic devices that serve as a distraction in reaching your goals and intentions for the day. Reduce your screen time and tune into the feeling of peace within you.


8. Be grateful for the things you have in life. Focus on the things you love in life and what you admire. Be mindful of complaining too much, as this will reduce your focus to achieve abundance.


9. Take a break from TV as it can create mental confusion in reaching your thriving state of mind. Enjoy a show or two, but then break away and do something that helps you grow and learn.


10. Show appreciation for the people who support you, send a thoughtful note in the mail. Appreciation will uplift your spiritual energy and of those you show appreciation to.


11. Enjoy activities you've never done before. Expand your views and experiences, never stop exploring the endless opportunities that the world has to offer you.


12. Get lost in an enchanting book and expand your horizons to jump start your creativity and imagination to bring yourself into a magical wonderland.


13. Spend quality time with friends and family We all have busy lives, but set an intention to spend time with your friends and family, talk to them about your goals and ask them to help keep you on track.


14. Write in your journal every day to get those emotions out of your head on onto some paper. Be honest and write until any negative emotions are completely expressed. This releases them and can help shift energy back to a good space.


15. Take a step towards your goals every day. Even a small step is making forward motion. These small actions will add up to help you succeed in manageable bite-size pieces.


16. Create your own "I Am' statement. Many people struggle with loving themselves and need constant reminders. Think about your positive qualities and write them down, put them up where you can see them daily and read them out loud to yourself.


17. Decide to learn something that you think to be difficult. Push the boundaries of your comfort zone and try out something new. When you accomplish something that you feel is hard, you increase your self-confidence and learn to love yourself even more.


18. Build empathy and connection to others. Trying to feel what another person is going through and imagine that you are going through it as well can create a close connection to that person.


19. Grow a plant and enjoy the transformation of a seed sprouting into a plant can be inspirational and empowering. Make it a herb or vegetable and enjoy the harvest as well.


20. Give a genuine compliment to a stranger. When providing a compliment to someone we don't know, it provides a power within them to uplift their day and yours. 


21. Enjoy and embrace your alone time. Get to know yourself and discover how wonderful and blessed you are is one of the  most important things in being able to thrive in life.


22. Choose to express love instead of fear. Being mindful about your feelings and being able to control that fight or flight instinct is a skill that needs practice and patience. Once controlled you have the power to choose to love others and since love always wins, You win. 


23. Find the good in every situation. This takes a lot of practice as well, don't wait for a bad situation to start learning this skill. Practice finding good things were ever you are, so it comes naturally when you encounter a negative situation. Finding positive in the negative can save you a huge amount of grief and pain. This is a huge step towards thriving in life. 


24. Laughter is the best medicine for your heart, soul and emotions. Look for opportunities to laugh at life, at surviving and laugh without inhibition. This can bring more light, energy and joy towards your journey to thriving. 


25. Find your true purpose in life. What are you truly passionate about? Set intentional small goals to reach that passion, you can have multiple passions in life, but finding that main purpose and owning it every day can push you to a life of thriving.


26. Pay it forward. When others do kind things for you, be sure to pay it forward and do kind things for others in return without expecting recognition. Don't forget to let go of expectations. Sharing your energy and heart with others will bring you to a life of thriving. 


I hope you have enjoyed these 26 ways to go from surviving to thriving in life and that you were able to get some assistance, good ideas or encouragement in your life. 


Let me know if I missed anything or if you have comments below. Thank you!
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