10 Likely Events That Will Follow An EMP

10 Likely Events That Will Follow An EMP

The threat of an EMP has been present for many decades, but over recent years, the notion and possibility of an EMP attack have entered into mainstream awareness.

What is an EMP?  It's an Electromagnetic Pulse and this is what happens.
An electromagnetic pulse, also referred to as a transient electromagnetic disturbance, is a brief burst of electromagnetic energy. The origin of an EMP can be natural or artificial, and can occur as an electromagnetic field, as an electric field, as a magnetic field, or as a conducted electric current.

be prepared for an emp event

There are numerous books, TV shows, and movies on the subject. The challenge in preparing for an EMP attack is the uncertainty of the aftermath. It could be hours, weeks or even years before help arrives. Acquiring essential survival skills is crucial during this period.


Here is a list of 10 events that will most likely happen after an EMP:

1. Confusion

Following an EMP attack, mass confusion ensues, especially if electronic devices like smartphones and radios are destroyed due to the strength of the EMP.

When power outages occur alongside electronic devices becoming ineffective, individuals may feel perplexed by the situation.

solar powered devices are necessary in emp emergency situations


Be sure to have a way to provide power to life sustaining devices, such as the Solar Powered Emergency Radio, Bluetooth Speaker, Flashlight, Mobile Charger.


2. Panic And Looting

When the confusion subsides, the general population will panic right away. When the power goes out, we anticipate a prompt restoration.

Even after major disasters, the power never stays off permanently. As soon as people realize that the lights are not coming back on, there will be panic, and that panic will lead to widespread looting.

emergency solar lighting for survival situations after an emp event


Be sure to have a solar powered light, so you aren't lost in the dark. This Portable folding solar camping light with 5 kinds of lighting modes, 180 degree beam, adjustment angle, and a top Solar charging or USB charging is perfect for lighting up the darkness.



3. Food Shortages

No power stops food production. This means that what is on store shelves is all the food that will be available. Local distribution centers will have extra stock, but it'll run out within days.

The outcome is that the food supplies people have at home will be their only source of sustenance until international disaster relief arrives.

In times of crisis, having a reliable and long-lasting food storage solution becomes crucial. That's why we recommend growing your own food with a garden, raising chickens and planting multiple fruit trees, so you can ensure your family's food security and have a dependable supply in case of emergencies.


4. Water And Sanitation Will Cease

In the absence of grid power, the pumps providing water and sanitation will need to transition to backup generators. If these generators are damaged by EMP or deplete their fuel supply, fresh water will no longer be accessible, and sewage produced by each household will be left untreated.

A significant increase in waterborne diseases is expected as a result. Additionally, due to limited knowledge on proper human waste disposal, individuals may dispose of waste in unsanitary ways, leading to contamination of freshwater sources.

a water filtration system is imperative to have in your emergency supplies


It's imperative to have a way of creating fresh water supplies for your family by using a water filtration system.  Our Portable ABS Water Filter Multifunction Survival Tool is an excellent tool to have in your emergency kit. 



5. Hospitals Will Shut Down

An EMP interrupts supply chains and hospital generators, leaving medical staff lacking essential equipment and a diminishing supply of drugs and other necessities.

Hospitals may opt to outsource services like food, laundry, cleaning, and security. In case of an EMP, the subcontractor employees may be absent.

Most nurses and doctors will likely leave work to return home to their families, especially upon learning of extended power outages.

the home doctor book is a great way to perform your own procedures


You'll need to know how to take care of medical issues on your own. Having a book to help you take care of your own emergency needs is imperative after an EMP event. 

6. Prison Wardens Will Have Hard Choices To Make

During an EMP event, the electronics within a prison will cease functioning. Due to the significant ratio of prisoners to guards, the facility's wardens must implement a lockdown.

Upon the wardens recognizing the lights will not return, they must determine how to handle the offenders.

The supply of food, water, and resources would halt; gradually, guards would leave their positions to safeguard their families at home.

The option is to release the prisoners, hold them under lockdown to perish from dehydration or starvation, or carry out their execution.

7. Planes May Fall From The Sky

An electromagnetic pulse could disrupt the electronics of aircraft in flight, causing them to glide. While some pilots might safely land these planes, many are likely to crash.

Certain pilots may successfully land these planes with some degree of safety, however, a significant number of aircraft will experience crashes and fires. It is highly probable that some of these planes will collide with densely populated regions, resulting in significant casualties on the ground.


8. An Unprecedented Death Toll

An EMP attack could lead to a 90% mortality rate in the US due to lack of essentials like food, water, sanitation, and healthcare, resulting in dehydration, starvation, violence, disease, injury, and chronic illness.

Many individuals grapple with illnesses that can be effectively managed through medication and consistent treatments. Tragically, without these interventions, they may succumb to their conditions in potentially dire ways.


9. The Economy Will Drastically Change

In the event of electronic banking system failure, cash may be considered valuable. However, post-EMP, cash loses value as the government supporting it faces collapse.

In place, gold, silver, ammo, meds, alcohol, tobacco, and other vices will serve as currency. Similarly, food, water, and survival gear will be key barter items, shaping local economies based on supply and demand.

One of the most precious assets for trade is knowledge and skills. A versatile individual could thrive in a post-EMP society.


10. Nuclear Plants May Meltdown

An EMP would cause nuclear plants to initiate an emergency shutdown. The challenge lies in the necessity to continue cooling the fuel rods through the circulation of cooling water.

These pumps require power, and the diesel generators will only run for as long as there is fuel. Eventually, these plants will melt unless creative measures are taken to prevent it. These meltdowns will result in an unprecedented nuclear catastrophe.

These are just ten potential outcomes that an EMP might trigger. In the event of an EMP attack, numerous unexpected scenarios are likely to arise.

The optimal approach is to anticipate the unforeseen and maintain a high level of adaptability and creativity.

It is essential to develop practical off-grid skills to stand a chance when the grid fails, ensuring you are prepared when the lights return.


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