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Primitive Wood Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit

Primitive Wood Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit

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This Primitive Wood Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit is perfect for any outdoor adventure! The essential fire starter works great in emergency situations or a zombie apocalypse. Create a lasting flame in any environment with this all-in-one fire starter kit!


  • 1x Hardwood Fire Bow ( 40cm )
  • 1x Pre-notched Fireboard ( 33cm with 10 holes )
  • 1x Spindle ( 39cm ) 
  • 1x Tinder



  • Fire Bow - Made of bamboo, very durable and strong
  • Fireboard - Make fire ten times with 10 pre-notched holes
  • Hardwood Spindle - To drill fireboard
  • Nature tinder - Easy to carry, very light. Burns easy for quick fire starting
  • Best drill kit - Help you to enjoy primitive skill practice in a controlled environment when you're adventuring 
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