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Natural Moldavite Rough Cut Pendant

Natural Moldavite Rough Cut Pendant

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Beautiful Yet Irregular Shaped For Eye Catching Beauty!

Natural Czech green gemstone, Moldavite necklace, a fine crystal pendant. Get compliments from your friends and family. Moldavite is among the most powerful stones for spiritual development and expansion of your consciousness. Once you connect to the Moldavite energetically it is said that you have changes for the better in your profession, business, wealth, health, relationships and other areas of life. Makes a perfect gift or souvenir for sports fans, weddings, parties, traveling, dates, carnivals, on shopping trips and every day use. 

A great options for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Church parties, Halloween gifts, Thanksgiving Day gifts, New Year's Day gifs, Mother's Day gifts and Anniversary gifts. 

People have reported an extremely high vibration that is often felt with heat and can open or activate and clear blockages in your body or all of your chakras. This is a perfect handmade gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, children or any beloved in your life. We hope you have an amazing shopping experience on Dragoyle, please feel free to contact us if you have any problems. 

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