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JW Professional Dog Deshedder

JW Professional Dog Deshedder

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The JW Professional Dog Deshedder is the perfect tool for grooming your pup's fur! This lightweight and ergonomic design is easy to use, making it an essential for any pet parent. It quickly and effectively removes loose fur from any breed, providing a deeper clean and shiny coat. Help your pup look their best and enjoy a professional-level grooming experience with the JW Professional Dog Deshedder!

The JW GripSoft Dog Deshedding Adjustable Loop is ideal for removing large volumes of dead pet hair and reducing shedding. Cushioned non-slip handle provides comfortable grip. Blade features coarse and fine teeth for both long and short coats.

The unique looped blade conveniently slides in and out of the handle to create a variety of sizes. The blade also separates at the handle for straight-bladed operation when covering larger areas, or to sweep excess water from a pet's coat after bathing.

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