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Dragoyle LLC

Big Paws Pink Pet Rug

Big Paws Pink Pet Rug

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Treat your pet to the ultimate luxurious lounging spot with this Big Paws Pink Pet Rug! This cozy rug is big enough for your furry friend to stretch out and snooze in style. Guaranteed to become your pup's favorite spot in the house! (Hey, you might even have to fight for it!)

  • * Microfiber pelleted fabric 100% polyester for pet rug
  • * Rubberized and non-slip base pet mat
  • * Finished with reinforced stitching on the edges
  • * Contains 1 mat , 1 piece 35 X 48 cm
  • * Can be washed and used repeated to remove odors
  • * The best leisure space for pets and keep warm
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