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Do you REALLY want to improve your life? To FEEL life more? To have less stress and more success?Well, if you do, no doubt you've read a lot of personal development, psychology, sociology, self-help and high performance books. Maybe you've gotten some mentorship, therapy or coaching.What do all the books say? Coaches say? Therapists say? People succeeding at the highest levels say?The science is obvious and undeniable, worldwide. Human behavior change and self-improvement requires journaling for self-awareness, setting your goals to achieve positive outcomes, measuring your habits and results, and finding mentors and a positive peer group and teachers to lift you higher and higher. 
journaling and improving your life daily is the best way to achieve greatness
That research, across so many disciplines, often sounds like: "journal about your gratitude and you can increase your mood and life satisfaction", "write out your goals because you're double-digit percentage more likely to achieve them", "track your sleep, mood and movement and you improve them faster" and "mentors increase promotion rates and income levels."People say, "DAILY? Are you kidding me? I don't have time" OK...... Except, do you log into social media every day? Watch TV? Everyone has time to work on themselves every day, but only a Few actually do it.Those few who do work on themselves daily ... WIN!They grow faster. They mature faster and they have more impact because they are intentional, focused and rooted in their values and center because they remind themselves of what matters through their journaling, goal setting, habit tracking and consumption of inspiration. However, it will never work without YOU engaging and putting in the work. The research is clear, now you just have to want it enough to actually do the work.It's on you to reflect, to plan, to improve your habits, to stay motivated and learn from others.  Everyone says we need to change this chaotic and troubled world.
working on yourself improvement daily can help you to achieve greatness in life, business and relationships.
However, you can't have a positive social impact without self-improvement first. We have to change ourselves and better ourselves and we have to win our inner self before we're going to change the external world.If you agree with that, then you must put in the effort, the time, the focus, the daily disciplines of growing. Right?
Please keep believing that there is more for you and your family and you can rise up to make it happen.Do the work. We need you at your best out there.
To your success in life, love, happiness, finance and any other way you need success!
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