Black Beard Survivalists Fire Plugs for Survival

A Must Have For Every Backpacker, Bug Out Bag & 72 Hour Emergency Kit!

If you can’t make fire in a survival situation, you’re dead meat. People think that important survival tools are things like water purifiers, knives, or maybe even guns, but they’re totally wrong. Fire is the most important survival tool, bar none, and here’s why:

  • Fire can be used to boil lifesaving water without having to carry anything but a metal pot to boil it in. No filters, no gimmicks, just purifying heat.
  • Fire keeps you from freezing to death.
  • Did you know you could die of hypothermia in temperatures above freezing?
  • Fire hardens wood into almost iron like proportions. Think spear tips!
  • Fire’s great for cauterizing wounds!
  • Simple put, fire is MUST HAVE!

Black Beard Fire Plugs are an easy and convenient, must have fire tinder for every outdoor activity, home, vehicle, bug out bag and 72 Hour/Emergency Kit.

Black Beard Fire Plugs are for those who are interested in a lightweight, ultra compact fire starter but refuse to compromise on quality. 


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These starters are incredible! The plugs alone ignite easily and burn for a bit of time. They are great to have in your bugout bag and hunting gear just in case. I highly recommend every product with Blackbeard.
Michael Z.


Unbelievable product! I cannot recommend enough for every bug out bag out there. Both my wife and I have this kit in out “get home” bags. To have fire fast and easy in any situation regardless of the weather conditions is worth it’s weight in gold! Buy this today, for yourself and for your loved ones.

Leanard N.



Stuff works great  Easy to light, long burn time, works great in windy conditions. Highly recommend these Fire Plugs.

Todd S.




We could go on for hours with the reasons why you need this in your life, but let’s see what an actual person who uses them, feels about it:


Hi! I’m Mike, I love hiking, and these fire plugs are a must must have!

Usually, when we’re about the camp, we start looking for a place to spend the 

night because we know, starting the fire can sometimes be time-consuming. 

And that’s a best-case scenario because sometimes it’s nearly impossible to set up the fire due to the weather.

Yes, sometimes we go to sleep wet, without a fire, and end up eating just some cold snacks.

It alters the experience a little bit, but as I said... sometimes it’s nearly impossible to light a fire, especially when it’s windy.

Black Beard Fire Plugs changed that. Since using them, we can camp, anywhere, at any time, and light up a fire almost instantly.

Since using these high-quality fire plugs, we never spent the night wet, cold, or without eating warm food.

I can honestly say that it makes hiking a ton more enjoyable.

The best part? Unlike most fire plugs, these are eco-friendly, which matters the most for us, hikers!

I strongly suggest all hiking enthusiasts start using Black Beard Fire Plugs. In fact, everyone should have a bag of them in their homes, cars, and emergency kits... because you never know when you need them. 


How Does It Work?

  • Bend the plug back and forth twice.
  • ​Work the Plug in a circular motion until it breaks into 2 pieces.
  • Apply spark or flame to the frayed side of the Plug.
  • ​Enjoy your warm fire! 


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